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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I had to be rescued: Ctrl-Shift-

 Thanks to the helpful group for new SL users, New Citizens, Inc, I receive their conversations and can ask for help at any time.  People ask questions I haven’t thought about asking throughout my online in SL so it is highly informative and I can jump into the conversation no matter which world I am in.

Recently, I was in the sandbox, letting jeisei ‘rez’ when an avatar that looked like a little girl began to pm me. She was asking what I was doing and I told her I was new and just letting my avatar rez. She invited me via teleport to a world called ‘The End of the World’. So I went. Once we arrived, she gave me an object and asked me to wear it. It looked like a contraption that fit on my stomach. It was weird.

Then spiders began appearing from the contraption on my stomach. They grew; they morphed into large beasts with teeth. Random objects began growing – a large box covered my head, more objects and dragons began to clutter the entire screen. I couldn’t remove them because the option didn’t exist.

I right-clicked on objects and saw they had been created by the little girl avatar name. So I reported her.

So I asked my friends at New Citizens, Inc. what I should do. They thought it was funny; it was funny but what were my options now?


Whew! I was finally ‘home’. After having so many helpful people around, I had let my guard down and accepted something harmful. This experience brings a more real-life scenario within SL. It was more utopian until now. And yes, those little girls are most likely grown men in AL.

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