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Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012 - You have to watch this. Objectively.

So Kony is quickly becoming a household name ... thanks to a viral YouTube video that exposes the Ugandan warlord as the bloodthirsty leader of a child army and child prostitution ring.

In the YouTube video, producers beg for celebrity support to raise awareness and showed a picture of Rihanna, in an effort to get her involved. You have to watch this, and also read about the criticism the organizers are facing.

To me, the video reeked of over-egged rhetoric and poor attempts at emotional blackmail. But Gavin is cute! Watch it, and keep in mind that Kony hasn't been in Uganda since 2006. Evangelical Christians have bad days, such as naked meltdowns; it's normal in California. 

I had to ask myself: Am I falling for something or am I standing for something? The answer is neither falling or standing; I am sitting, just staring while watching it all fall apart with all the drama one could expect of a dramatic arts major. Wasn't the goal to make Kony famous?

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