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Monday, January 30, 2012

UWO now WU - Western University Canada | The Gazette

And now for something completely different...

Economic downturn. Loose change. Climate change. States of Matter. The Question of change. Exchange. Rearrange. Do you freak when you see the new Facebook? Nothing ever stays the same. Logo change alert. Hold fast to Purple Pride. Now breathe through your nose. Here is the old logo (2002-2012):

    "If you look at the logo, it could be a church or something else, we needed to be a little bit more distinct that we are a university—a top tier university in Canada.”

   "But the changes are not limited to a shift from a tower to a coat of arms. They also include a slight shift in the shade of purple, a new font—specially created for Western and named “Hellmuth” after the founding bishop—and a switch from the name “University of Western Ontario” to “Western University.”

Western unveils new branding | The Gazette

   Administrations will be ordering lots of new letterhead and changing websites this week  >_< which, coincidentally, is no longer a larger issue...Now, what about renaming the City of London? Renaming Victoria Park (i.e Tank Place?). Should I notify the Registrar about my name change...come on, everybody's doing it. Remind me to consult my family and friends. Change can be so much fun.

On renaming the City of London by Ian Gillespie, The LFP:

The Holy Roller Tank in Victoria Park; rename the park: Tank Place

     "This rebranding trend is great. And London needs to jump on the bandwagon in a big way. As you may know, the University of Western Ontario (UWO) has “rebranded” itself with a fresh new name; from now on, the venerable school will no longer be referred to as “you-dubba-you-oh.” Henceforth, London’s institute of higher learning will be known as Western University. (Or “woo.”)" more:

 Western strikes up the brand | Ian Gillespie | Columnists | News | London Free Press

We just might start living up to our potential.

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