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Friday, February 10, 2012

Negotiating Parental Power Struggles with Adolescents

The child looks up to parents and their wonderful powers and idealizes who they are. The adolescent looks down on parents and their unfair authority and criticizes who they are. The young adult looks at the hit-and-miss child raising job parents have done and humanizes them as well-intended but imperfect people.

Negotiating Parental Power Struggles with Adolescents | Psychology Today

"Although my job is not to control your decisions, it is my job to inform them. This means I have a parenting responsibility to let you know when and why I think the decision may not be in your best interests, and what a better one might be. And of course I have my own choices about responding to whatever decision you are free to make."

Teenager: "Huh?" 

Facebook Parenting. For the troubled teen. 

Children need love most, when they deserve it the least.  

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